Repetitive Flexible Supply Approach

24 – 25 November 2021 | Digital Platform

Ian Fraser
RFS Expert

This masterclass will be conducted by the globally renowned consultant, Mr Ian Fraser Glenday which will focus on providing the practical working methodology of Flow Manufacturing ~ RFS Approach ( Repetitive Flexible Supply ). This approach enables the companies for maximizing the Operational Productivity, reducing the Manufacturing Lead Times, at the same time optimizing Inventory and achieving substantially improved Service Levels across the total supply chain.

The production scheduling topic focused in this 2 day virtual – based workshop, is a product of around 3 decades of successful application in both the discrete manufacturing and in the Process Industries, world wide. Originally, the RFS Approach, which has its roots from the TPS (Toyota Production System) HEIJUNKA ~ Production leveling~ was proved at the KIMBERLY – CLARK operations, with phenomenal success in terms of breakthroughs in Plant Capacity, Productivity, Inventory, Cost, Delivery performance, and in employee satisfaction, way back in the 80’s. Following the success at KC, companies in the FMCG , Foods and Beverages, Chemicals, Plastics, Synthetic Fibers, Polymers etc started adopting the RFS methodology throughout the world, especially those adopting the MTS (Make to Stock) manufacturing Strategy.

One of the most astounding results is that, quantifiable performance metrics, can be observed, to substantially improve within the first 3 months of RFS implementation

Attend this Masterclass and get clear insights into

  • Why most Production Planning systems, guarantee a different plan every time it is released, and are, far from stable ?
  • The root cause for the constant fire fighting in terms of Plan vs Achievement, in meeting the customer demands.
  • The spiraling of the Response Time, leading to high Lead times, higher inventory levels, and lesser service levels, due to BATCH LOGIC of production scheduling

Who Should Attend

This 2-Day virtual session is absolutely relevant, to companies implementing TPM (at any level), LEAN, TQM, TOC or Six Sigma methodology, which operates in a MTS (Make to Stock) market environment, for their products with or without distributed supply chain involving Warehouses / Distributors / Retailers and keystone Customers ( B2C and B2B )


Ian Fraser, is an internationally acclaimed consultant, author and practitioner, par excellence, staying in London, United Kingdom. He specializes in the practical application of FLOW MANUFACTURING ~ RFS ( Repetitive Flexible Supply ) methodology, enabling the manufacturing sector worldwide towards achieving phenomenal improvement of their company profitability and allied financial ratios, to stay ahead of the hyper competitive market scenario.

His direct participative contribution to the European and American Industries has been the very finest and pre-eminent in articulating and seamlessly integrating the FLOW MANUFACTURING ~ RFS principles, in the production system of innumerable companies, especially in the manufacturing sector.

In developing and deploying the RFS methodology, with phenomenal success, across the Industry, since the last 3 decades, he has gained a reputation, akin to the TPS (Toyota Production System), in both the discrete manufacturing and in the Process Industry ambience.

The Flow Manufacturing ~ RFS method has been successfully adopted by FMCG, Foods & Beverages, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals and Paints, Automotive, Polymer Sectors world over, to name a few, both in the Operations and in the Supply Chain, leading to astounding business results.

Ian Fraser, has also been the recipient of the prestigious SHINGO AWARD, for his magnum opus publication ‘Breaking Through to Flow ‘ and also ‘ Lean RFS ~ Putting the Pieces Together’


INR 20,000 (Inclusive of GST)

  • 10% Discount for 3 or more participants from the same organization
  • 20% Discount for TPM Individual Members
  • Complimentary Quality Summit delegate pass for all particiants of this masterclass

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