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0930 – 1400 hrs | 22nd November 2021

The global supply chain era has forced businesses to innovate and exceed customer expectations to retain market share. Leading organizations pro-actively refine existing benchmarks and establish new standards to build brand-equity and attract customers. Those who merely comply with existing standards invest more on brand building exercises to stay in the news. Market leaders understand the importance of Product design safety, Product Liability, Workplace Safety, Ergonomics, Product Labelling, Information security and other key-business enablers. Their organizational culture gets embedded with such customer experience enhancing values.

Start-ups contemplating of doing business with leading organizations cannot afford to over-look this critical aspect and would do well to imbibe these values and build a winning culture. Start-ups which aspire to become mega-brands in the times to come, must learn about customer-experience design from reputed manufacturers, many of whom started off as start-ups, a few decades ago. This program is designed for entrepreneurs who wish to reduce their group-insurance premiums, minimize absenteeism at workplace, attract and retain talent, improve staff productivity, and build lasting brand-value


Participants will find answers to the following questions:

  1. How Investing in quality certifications improves brand-value and by extension, business opportunities?
  2. What kind of certifications must be explored w.r.t Industrial safety?
  3. Learn a bit about ICONN- a platform where you can connect with Large Business Organizations to obtain orders.

Target Audience

Aspiring Entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurs from MSMEs and Start Ups – especially those who manufacture products

For More Information and registration Contact :

Shashank N
+91 99947 50972