21 – 22 November 2019, CII IQ, Bengaluru

Convert customer needs into products through QFD – Learn from the GURU

Glenn H Mazur
Executive Director
QFD Institute, Michigan, USA

With rapid technological developments, digitalization, Industry 4.0, enhanced consumerism etc there is a paradigm shift in the customers’ awareness levels, and their demands on product quality burgeons continuously. Achieving increased customer satisfaction levels seems to be formidable, yet a pre-requisite task for the manufacturing sector, to thrive and succeed in today’s business scenario. QFD, offers the perfect solution to this ever increasing requirements of Customers’ wants and needs, and enables the company to succeed and achieve a competitive advantage with respect to Cost and Quality.

QFD ( Quality Function Deployment ) first developed by Dr. Yoji Akao in late 1960s, is a process and set of tools used to translate the Customer’s requirements ( V.O.C ~ Voice of Customer ) into measurable design targets and drive them from the final product level to the granular raw material level including the Product Planning, Part Planning, Process Planning and Production Planning upto the point of receipt at the Customer premises.


  • Quality Function Deployment ~ Overview
  • QFD Deployment in:
    • Voice of Customer Acquisition
    • Product Planning
    • Parts Planning
    • Process Planning
    • Production Planning
  • Classical QFD ~ As developed by Dr Yoji Akao
  • Blitz QFD® ~ Modern QFD
  • New ISO 16355 standard for QFD
  • Wishbone Diagram
  • AHP ~ Analytical Hierarchy Process
  • Kano Model
  • Semantic and Situation Analysis

Thorough understanding would be imparted with respect to application of QFD for a Product development, through a case study. (Manufacturing sector ~ Case Study)


This 2 day workshop would additionally focus on the following :

1. Impart comprehensive awareness on QFD Methodologies

2. Sufficiently equip the participants to implement in their work environment across the value chain of manufacturing / Service

3. A typical case study covering the total scope of QFD implementation in a typical manufacturing set up, would be discussed, along with exercises


Glenn H Mazur, is leading authority in QFD implementation and research. He has been directly associated and worked together for several decades with the original architects of QFD ~ Dr Yoji Akao, Mizuno Sugeru, Shindo , Fukuhara, Nakui etc, to name a few.

  • Globally acclaimed specialist in advanced QFD application
  • Chair of the International Symposium on QFD research.
  • Senior Member of ASQ (American Society for Quality) & Japan Society for Quality
  • Renowned specialist on application of Kansei Engineering (integrating human feelings and emotional requirements ) as applied to Product development.
  • Academician with the Internationals Academy for Quality,” and Convenor of the ISO 16355 standards working group


  • CII / TPM Club Member : INR 30,000 + GST
  • Non – Member : INR 35,000 + GST

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