CII Institute of Quality is the leading authority in Quality Enhancement among organisations and industries. Over the past century, CII has provided Indian Industries with the support, systems and tools to make a mark in the competitive world. It is realised that the best way to enhance an organisation’s competitiveness is through the quality route.

What started as the Total Quality Management Division (TQMD) of CII in the mid-eighties, has now evolved as CII Institute of Quality. As a champion of the Quality movement, CII IQ is powered by the responsibility of enriching the lives of its members, improving their workplaces and making the world at a large, a better place by applying quality tools, techniques and systems. CII IQ provides the best of its kind training and consulting services to organisations to help improve their performance and set a standard of excellence.

CII IQ has tied up with several international organisations to bring their best practices to India. It has helped several organisations improve their Total Quality Management Systems besides helping them win recognitions such as the Deming Prize and the Japan Quality Medal.

Our Vision

To be a Centre of Excellence of international repute that provides role model products and services for the continuous betterment of organizations and society.

Our Mission

To evolve and leverage a Quality Movement that transforms India by offering standard solutions, creating practical insights, driving tangible results, thereby enhancing competitiveness and inclusive growth.



CII IQ plays a pioneering role in introducing various concepts, in the different sectors of the economy, in order to promote the Quality practices and establish Quality systems in these sectors. CII IQ offer’s the following, wide-ranging services:

  • Training
  • Seminars & Conferences
  • Counselling
  • Events to Share Best Practices
  • Assessment
  • Study Missions
  • Awards / Recognition
  • SME Clusters

The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) works to create and sustain an environment conducive to the development of India, partnering industry, Government and civil society, through advisory and consultative processes.

For 125 years, CII has been working on shaping India’s development journey and, this year, more than ever before, it will continue to proactively transform Indian industry’s engagement in national development.

CII is a non-government, not-for-profit, industry-led and industry-managed organization, with about 9100 members from the private as well as public sectors, including SMEs and MNCs, and an indirect membership of over 300,000 enterprises from 288 national and regional sectoral industry bodies.

CII charts change by working closely with Government on policy issues, interfacing with thought leaders, and enhancing efficiency, competitiveness and business opportunities for industry through a range of specialized services and strategic global linkages. It also provides a platform for consensus-building and networking on key issues.

Extending its agenda beyond business, CII assists industry to identify and execute corporate citizenship programmes. Partnerships with civil society organizations carry forward corporate initiatives for integrated and inclusive development across diverse domains including affirmative action, livelihoods, diversity management, skill development, empowerment of women, and sustainable development, to name a few.

With the Theme for 2020-21 as Building India for a New World: Lives, Livelihood, Growth, CII will work with Government and industry to bring back growth to the economy and mitigate the enormous human cost of the pandemic by protecting jobs and livelihoods.

With 68 offices, including 9 Centres of Excellence, in India, and 9 overseas offices in Australia, China, Egypt, Germany, Indonesia, Singapore, UAE, UK, and USA, as well as institutional partnerships with 394 counterpart organizations in 133 countries, CII serves as a reference point for Indian industry and the international business community.

Confederation of Indian Industry
The Mantosh Sondhi Centre
23, Institutional Area, Lodi Road, New Delhi – 110 003 (India)
T: 91 11 45771000 / 24629994-7
E: info@cii.in • W: www.cii.in

Reach us via our Membership Helpline Number: 00-91-99104 46244

CII Helpline Toll Free Number: 1800-103-1244